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St John's Mead

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‘Valuing Effort, Valuing Others, Valuing Self’

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From the Head Teacher,
Mrs Nicola Berry


Welcome to St John’s Mead CEVC Primary website, we hope you enjoy finding out about our school. We are fortunate in having a primary school with 11 classes and a nursery class that takes children from the age of 3; all located in wonderful, spacious grounds in the popular market town of Chipping Sodbury. Our school achieves high academic results and yet we pride ourselves on focusing upon the whole child, recognising the need for creativity; children to consider themselves learners and members of the whole society.


St John’s Mead is a vibrant learning community where all our members strive to make the school the best that it can be. We have strong links with the local church and our dedicated PTA ensures events throughout the year provide opportunities to enjoy each others’ company and raise additional funds for the school. We also take safe guarding children extremely seriously and precautions are in place to ensure that our children are safe ranging from the physical environment to stringent recruitment procedures.


To find out more about our school have a look at the latest PTA and news items, read the current school council minutes or peruse the newsletters. Nothing however beats visiting in person to see if this school feels the right one for your child. We are very proud of our school and visitors are always welcome; contact Hannah, Cat or Sarah in the office to arrange a convenient time.


Please scroll down to see our school vision statement firmly embedded in our school motto, 'Valuing Effort, Valuing Others, Valuing Self'.


Nicola Berry



Our School Vision


Valuing Effort, Valuing Others, Valuing Self.'



Our vision at St John’s Mead is that every child should grow in wisdom, knowledge and skills so that they may flourish as unique human beings created in God’s likeness, knowing that they are loved and valued with the potential to make a difference in the world.


We aim to make this vision a reality by:


Valuing Effort- I am come that you may have life and have it to the full. - John 10, 10


We recognise that God gives to each one of us gifts and talents and we aspire to learn, succeed and achieve in all areas of the curriculum offering our wisdom, knowledge and skills for the good of all.  We aspire to develop a lifelong love of learning and an open and enquiring mind.


Valuing Others - Love your neighbour as yourself - Mark 12,31


Our values at St John’s Mead School are Christian values based on Jesus’ teaching and example. We are learning to recognise those values and practise them in our school life together. We encourage and support each other and seek to serve others with compassion, forgiveness and understanding in order to create a nurturing and sustaining community where all children develop socially, morally and spiritually and with an understanding of their own and other’s culture. We are learning to be active local, national and global citizens with a sense of responsibility for our neighbours, near and far and a growing awareness of the challenges and opportunities to create a more just world and a healthy environment for all.


Valuing Self -Love one another as I have loved you - John 13, 34


We recognise that God values and loves each person as a unique individual and that Jesus taught us the measure of how we love others is how we love ourselves. St John’s Mead is a place where children are learning to know, love and value themselves so that they may become seekers after truth and goodness. They are learning to be confident of their own identity and are learning about healthy lifestyle choices.  Our culture of encouragement and involvement fosters hope and belief that they can make a difference in significant ways to serve the common good.