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‘Valuing Effort, Valuing Others, Valuing Self’

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In The Moment Planning

What is ‘In the Moment Planning’?


Children are most engaged when they are undertaking activities that are child initiated and based on children's current interests.  When children show high levels of involvement, that is when there is progress and development occurring – when the brain is at its most active. Planning in the moment helps to make this possible.


By providing an open ended and enabling environment supported by skillful staff we are able to seize the moment when a child shows a level of interest and curiosity. We can then draw out and extend these moments. Different children will engage in a range of ways,'In the Moment Planning' ensures that every child's experiences are acknowledged and built upon.


Written ‘planning’ is done retrospectively in the form of observations, records of the interactions and notes on outcomes. These observations available for parents to look at and comment on throughout the year.


Every week we choose 'Focus Children', and encourage parents to fill in a sheet highlighting interests at home, special events that may be happening as well as any concerns. In Nursery we have our own sheets wich are gradually filled up over the course of the week and become an individual record. Teachers meet with the parents of the focus children in the week following their focus week  The discussion revolves around the completed learning journey – a truly individual picture of the child’s experience.