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Lower KS2


Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for your support with home learning during the school closure in the early part of this Term.  We are really pleased to see the children back in school.  As Class Dojo proved to be an effective tool of communication during closure, we will still be using this on occasion to provide reminders, announcements and message.  This part of the website will continue to contain documents that you may find useful in supporting your child's learning this year. 




Mrs Wilson, Mrs Reilly, Miss Walker & Mr Barker

LKS2 100 books list

White Rose Maths Home Learning lessons


During school closure, we received lots of positive feedback from parents and children using the White Rose video lessons and worksheets and we were really impressed with the progress made.  We would therefore like to continue to use these resources, during the second school closure.    

These structured lessons cover similar Maths learning we would be doing in school and so are valuable in keeping your child on track for their Maths learning.    The lessons are dated but please refer to the LKS2 learning overview to select the correct lesson and pages in the activity book in your child's work pack..   


What is it?

Video lesson Each day has a short video lesson to watch, explaining the learning and asking questions to check understanding. These can be paused so children can go through at their own pace. However, they are quite compact lessons which makes them perfect for using at home.

Activity Books Each child will have been given a workbook in their remote learning pack which relates to each lesson. Your class teacher will be directing which lessons to do during school closure.  

Answers The answers are included below to download so that children can check their learning and correct any errors or go through any misunderstandings.  The children can share their work with their class teachers by uploading on to Dojo.


How do I access these resources?

The lesson videos are available to watch by clicking on the link on the LKS2 Home Learning Overview sheet or by clicking on the White Rose home learning link above and selecting your child’s year group

The answer sheets will be added below  when required.     

Supporting Maths at home