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‘Valuing Effort, Valuing Others, Valuing Self’

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Session Information and FAQs

  • How old does my child have to be to start at your nursery class?
You may pay for sessions as soon as your child is 3. They then get their 15 hours free entitlement sessions in the long terms after they are 3. See table below:


The table below shows when your child will become eligible for their free early learning place.


If your child is born between:
They are eligible for a free place from:
1 April and 31 August
1 September following their third birthday or the beginning of the autumn* school term
1 September and 31 December
1 January following their third birthday or the beginning of the spring* school term
1 January and 31 March
 1 April following their third birthday or the beginning of the summer* school term
* Based on a three-term school year


  • What time are the sessions?
Sessions run from 8.45 – 11.45 and 12.00 – 3.00 or 8.45 - 3.00


  • Do I need to provide anything for lunch?
Parents are asked to provide their child with a packed lunch and drink.


  • What should I do if I would like my child to join your nursery class?
You will need to contact the school office on 01454 866501 to arrange to pick up a welcome pack and fill in the relevant forms. To find out more about out nursery class or to arrange a visit you can ring us directly on 01454 866504. If possible please try and ring after sessions, e.g 11.45 – 12.00 or after 3.30.


  • How do I pay and can I pay for more than the 15 hours of free sessions?
The 15 hours of free sessions are automatically claimed on your behalf. Yes, you are able to buy extra top up sessions at a cost £15.00 each. If you decide to take up extra sessions you will be invoiced by the school office either termly, monthly or weekly – giving you the choice of when to pay.


  • Can I split my free session vouchers between yourselves and another setting?  
Yes you can. We work closely with child minders and other pre-school and nursery settings.


  • I have previously registered at the nursery what happens next?
If you have previously shown an interest in your child joining our nursery class we will be in touch with you as your child approaches 3.