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Eco Club

Here are the members of Eco club:


Shi M, Lucy G, Zoe P, William K, Riley P, Maddison, Eloise B, Lily C, Niamh M, Jessica M, Chloe B, Aaron D, Abbie R, Demi M, Keeleigh, Grace, Aaliyah, Jasmine, Nell, Izzy B , Jessie E, Daisy, Billy, Drew, Madison B and Erin.


Hello...welcome to the Eco Club Page!


Let's start by saying, this is Eco Club and you can join Eco Club every Monday at 12.30 (lunchtime).


Eco Club is a group that helps the environment for St John's Mead school.


Our school's amazing club members will recieve a fabulous green Eco Committee Badge when they come for six weeks however, once your committee badge is earned, SJM rely on you.

Being Eco is a FUN way to help the school be a healthier, more ecological place. May we just remind you to turn off the lights when the classroom is not in use so SJM can save energy. Also to use both sides of paper before putting it in the recycling bin - use the scrap paper drawer instead!




We also sell Eco bottles which are made out of sugar cane and are fully recyclable. Every Monday morning- at first break - Demi and Abbie will be selling Eco bottles for £1.50. Eco bottles are a fun way to be Eco efficient. Also, children can drink from their Eco bottles on their tables.


SJM's Eco Club have gained the silver award and are working towards their green flag!

Just watch this space...


If you have any coments about getting, feel free to go on this link below

and help: 


Did you know?...


So far this year, we have saved a whopping 22% of our electicity bill since we changed our lights to LED. This means that we now have more money to buy the most efficient resources for the school to help the childrens learning go above and beyond - not that it isnt already.


Whilst also being fabulous at turning lights off and reusing both sides of paper, Eco Club complete surveys daily. As a result of this, one lucky class will win a superb recycled trophie! CONGRATULATIONS to the winning class this term which was...



Eco club minutes:


(uptated by Demi and Abbie every week)


Messages:This week in Eco club, we have completed our green flag application form and we have sent it off . We have got the date (Wed 17th may) so, they can come over and asses the school. Please please remember that Eco bottles are being sold on Monday morning break time by and Abbie.r they are £1.50 for the bottle (lid too). Just a quick reminder may you all check weather or not you have a plant in your class room. Please Note: Eco club meating take place on Monday luchtimes (12.30) at Mrs Berry's office.


At the moment we our working very hard to get our green award and any suggestions about getting it would be appreciated.




Thanks from the Eco Club!


thanks for reading


And remeber to turn off all electrical devices and switches before leaving the area...

Eco club


Click below to view our action plan.