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‘Valuing Effort, Valuing Others, Valuing Self’

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LKS2 Curriculum Plan

Key stage-LKS2


Term 1

8 weeks

Term 2

7 weeks

Term 3

6 weeks

Term 4

5 weeks

Term  5

6 weeks

Term 6

7 weeks

Year A-topics and notes for coverage

Wish you were here

Atlas skills, comparing 3 locations

Music- soundscapes

Art- seaside


Splish, splash, splosh

Coast, rivers, water cycle

Captain Scott to Antarctica

Rotten Romans

History- invasion, Celts, Boudicca

Music- roman songs/rhythm unit

PE- dance

DT chariots/shields


Wild things

Fantastic Mr Fox/Where the Wild  Things Are

Art- Georgia O’Keefe

Science and conservation



Forces and magnets.

Push/Pull, gravity, water resistance, density.


States of matter


Plants- functions and conservation, life cycles.

Animals- classification, ecology and conservation.


Recount- holiday postcards and letters- Wish You Were Here (book)


Adventure story- The Sandman and the Turtles (Michael Morpurgo)

Imagery poems- based on seaside art



Non-chronological report – Antarctica and frozen places.


Traditional tale- The Snow Queen (Frozen)


Onomatopoeia poems based on water.

Instructions- How to build a chariot


Legend (conquering the monster)- Roman legend


Calligrams- shape of chariots/shields and gladiators

Legend (conquering the monster)- Roman legend


Discussion- Should we have homework?

Should the Head teacher tells us what time to go to bed?


Explanations-Create a dragon and explain the life cycle of their dragon


Fantasy story- How to train your dragon (quest story).


Nonsense poetry (Spike Milligan)

Persuasion - Where the Wild Things Are


Journey tale-Where the Wild Things Are


Fantastic Mr Fox


Riddles/question poems about animals.


Prayer and Worship





S2 Practices and Lifestyles AT1

Q: How do people pray? What is the purpose and value of prayer for some people?

S 3 Expression and language AT1

Q: How does a holy place help people worship? AT1

S5 Meaning and Purpose AT2

Q: What does prayer mean to me? Christmas is coming

Q: How does waiting for Christmas make it more special?

Creation Stories and Care for the World





S1 Beliefs and teachings AT 1

Q:What do faiths teach about God as a creator?  What do Creation stories teach about our responsibility for the world?

S6 Values and Commitments AT2

Q: How do we take responsibility for environment?

Changing roles-The servant King

Changing Relationships-

Christian value of service to others

The Last Supper

Artists expressing understanding of Jesus

Rules for Living





S6 Values and commitments AT2

Q:What rules do faith communities have? Why does a community need rules? What rules are important to me?


School’s Christian Values


Harvest,  Apple week;

Thank you for our World – holidays & locations; ‘The Sandman and the Turtle’ - English

Trust: Scott & The Antarctica- trusting leaders.

Snow Queen – responsibilities of friendship. Can the Snow Queen be trusted?  Global responsibilities – ice cap, penguins (non-chron. report).

Courage: How did the Romans and the Celts feel? Who showed courage? Pandora’s Box – Did Pandora show courage when she opened the box?

Inner courage – sticking to self-belief and what is right.

Responsibility :   

Link with RE- responsibility for our environment.

Are leaders responsible for their followers? How do we show responsibility?

Service:  ‘How to train your dragon’.  Service shown by the characters.

Is service part of Rules for Living? Link to RE

Truthfulness:  when trying to persuade, is using exaggeration truthful?

Link with RE

British Values

Tolerance and friendship

(Wish You Were Here)


Perseverance (Scott)

Respect (learning  from other cultures)

Individuality (Perseus and Medusa)

Democracy and Rule of Law (The Romans-

(government and army)

Acceptance (war and conquest)

Respect for the countryside

Rules of the Law (countryside laws)  RE focus